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 Growing up, my mom would have my clothes made to order.  As I grew older, I began designing my own outfits and was encouraged by my family to bring my sketches to the dress makers.  In doing so, they unknowingly inspired me to become a designer.  

I love film, and movies are one of my favorite arts.  I love being transported to different worlds.  As a teenager I thought of becoming an actress but soon realized that admiring the costumes, especially historic ones, was more of a draw for me.  That's when I decided I wanted to create clothes that make people feel beautiful and confident.

After graduating from fashion school in 1997, my initial work included: collaborating in the workshop at Ballet Nacional de Bellas Artes in Mexico city; serving in the fashion and image design department at TV Azteca and eight years as a designer with Nuestra Belleza Veracruz beauty Pageant.  Throughout that time, I was also on-air talent for fashion segments for several TV stations.

The desire to work as an independent designer led me to open my atelier in 2000 where I learned firsthand how to be receptive and sensitive to my clients’ fashion needs.  I experienced the rewards of sharing their special moments through my designs.  

In 2013, I began teaching pattern making and construction techniques which resulted in the opening of a cutting and sewing school.  That became a truly gratifying experience for me.  I was impressed by my students’ eagerness and they, in turn, gave me an even broader outlook on youthful fashion.

 Moving to San Diego has begun the next exciting stage in my career.  I bring my extensive experience and creativity to women who appreciate fashion and want to broaden their style options.  I am honored to be your guide!

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