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Bespoke Exclusive

Bespoke Exclusive is my premium service.  Working with clients to upgrade their look and find their best style is my passion.  Whatever stage of life you find yourself in, looking your best is integral to reaching your goals.  Now, more than ever, how you present yourself to the world is vital. You are your own brand and your style is your presentation.

Service Steps:

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Initial Consultation

I begin by listening to my client, learning about her activities, habits and goals, and understanding her fashion needs and desires. This is a friendly conversation where my client can talk freely about her personal style goals and challenges.


Color Analysis

Color analysis is the secret weapon of everyone who strives to master their style.  During this private session, I’ll analyze your skin, eyes and hair to develop a personal color palette that reveals and supports your personal beauty.  I will give you the tools to look your absolute best ALWAYS.  Through the process of draping fabric color samples, you will witness first-hand the difference color can make with your complexion. You will learn to choose the best colors and shades when shopping for clothes, accessories, cosmetics and hair color.

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This is one of the most fun and rewarding steps of the analysis.  You will learn the right colors for all cosmetics, from bases to mascara, and everything in between. We’ll review shades and hues that make you glow.


At an additional fee, to complement your color analysis, I also offer personal shopping services for cosmetics.  A consultation with cosmetics artist Karina Shirley can also be arranged at additional cost.  Karina’s expertise and approach will result in you understanding cosmetic application, and strategies for achieving different looks regardless of age.


Our Cosmetics analysis will include many before and after pictures so you can see your transformation clearly!  You will be amazed by the difference that color makes in your image.


Wardrobe Curating

This fun and interactive work evaluates your current wardrobe to understand and refine your garment choices.  You will learn what works and what doesn’t in your existing attire so you can build or expand your looks with the right choices.  This is especially important following your detailed color analysis!  We'll talk about silhouettes, cuts, prints, colors and how to mix and match garments to achieve your dreamed seasonal wardrobe.   You will also receive a scheme of garments by color and style to guide your future shopping.  You will be empowered to build perfectly matched wardrobes for all seasons, which you can use in the present and future.

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Design of your exclusive collection

I use my skills and 25 years of experience as a fashion designer to create a set of garments that will bring out your best features and express your personality.  I design clothing to complement and enhance your current collections.  This is an exciting way to build your wardrobe with custom, unique clothing!  The clothing I design includes many flexible pieces which you can combine with your current wardrobe, and future purchases.  It is so satisfying to wear custom clothing designed just for you! 

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